But Where You Wheely Bin?

Hello Blog, it's now 2017 and it's been a while!

To get to where we are now would involve a lot of words and the weight of it all would probably kill us both. 
We don't need that, either of us, dear reader, so suffice to say: i've been busy, you've been busy, we've all been busy. 
Not such a bad thing.

2016 was houses and headshots, it was interiors and exteriors, lots of pretty, lots of products, lots of packaging. 
And lots and lots and lots of kinder.  9.30am-2.30pm at the kinder, taking pictures, 9.30pm-2.30am editing them
and selling them and doing all the marketing and associated acts.

It was hard to fit anything else in and eventually it took over everything and I pushed Leanne Bertram Photography
and her associated businesses and everything else to the side.

It was a tough year.

Melbourne Kindergarten and Daycare Photography

But I turned it around, took my lemons and made lemonade, and i've been busy over at Little Big Adventures
in the meantime and it's been heartening to receive the support i've had from my local community and feel the love.

Is more piece-meal.  I've got some collaborative irons in the fire and am doing the odd family session here or there,
and am doing some headshots this month to make up for the fact I didn't do my regular burst of them last winter. 
I'm no longer doing product photography as it simply takes up too much time I do not have
( unless you BYO stylist and all I have to do is one job, my job, that would be Grand! :D  )

I honestly don't have a lot of free time for extra projects this year on top of my day job, and when i'm not on a
Little Big Adventure, i've been trying to do community work and give a little back. 

I'm also working with local Primary School Children again this year and teaching them a few camera tricks and pointers. 
I love working with children - they are so naturally uninhibited with an abundance of natural talent and a pretty good eye. 
There's some workshops for parents/adults coming up too, so keep an eye out for those.

So yes, lots of work going on, but i've been a bit selfish in sharing - I didn't even do a 2016 retrospective, for goodness' sake
( which normally allows me to share a lot of work at once and be all Look!  See!  There!  All the Work I did, it's True! 
Wasn't Making it Up!

Thankyou for your bookings, your support, your delight and your subsequent use of my images all over the internet ,
on brochures, on your walls at home, and even at my local Woolies..

Me: Points at Recycling Bin, I took those pics. 
Kids: Wow, Mum, you're Famous!

Yes kids, I sure am :p

Muchos Gracias Everyone! Xx
( Have a Great 2017, hope to see you! )

3 Cheeky Monkeys: Bentleigh

It's been a while since I blogged.  And a family to boot!

I really loved this session for it's simplicity.  Basically a mini, we had a timeslot of 30 minutes on the only afternoon
it could possibly be done before the little one was losing her front teeth to a childhood accident=infection=dental extraction
the following day. 

Believe it or not, we found the only pretty light on a dull cold day, down the local primary school while my own kids
played soccer nearby.  Nothing ideal, nothing precious.

Just a quick change of clothes "behind the shelter sheds" and a wipe of whatever was for afternoon tea at the
local daycare centre and/or afterschool care.

Troopers.  Brilliant.
That's how you do it!



Three More House Tours!

I've been busy with All!The!Things!

I find myself running around town mumbling this under my breath like a mantra:

Trying to remember all the places I have to be, all these things I need to do, all the promises I have to keep!

2015 certainly hit the ground running.

In the meantime I missed telling you about:
A Sweet Petite in Adelaide!

A photo posted by Leanne (@hbfotografic) on

An Excellent Adventure in Melbourne Town:

A photo posted by Leanne (@hbfotografic) on

and a Shining Jewel by the Beach:

A photo posted by Leanne (@hbfotografic) on

There's also been another two tours, a trip to Japan and more kinders than I can blow raspberries at ..
plus corporate work and all.the.things.

( I started writing this blog post months ago and never finished it O_o ! )

I did mention on my Facebook Page that I am totes booked out this year and have been referring people
onto trusted colleagues, but i've been neglecting this space, so there it is.

I'm bone-tired and have my sights set on 2016. Because this year? Gone. Bye. Hasta.

One day .. hopefully soon ... everything will align and run smoothly and money will just magically appear
for minimal effort.

But, for now, just heavy slog with dubious re compensations :)


Happy New 2015!

Hello there!

Big changes this year for Leanne Bertram Photography.

Firstly - the name .. yes .. h&b foto.grafic has retired. 
It was time to move on to something more encompassing and allow me a clean break.
 ( And yes, it's a bit boring, but the google engines like it - it is what it is and 
i'll never have to change it again. )

I tried a few other cloaks on first though.  They were terrible.
Cliched, meaningless, indulgent, or completely 'really'?

I toyed in the background for more than a few years - it was clear I was never
going find something I love that I couldn't pick apart.

So I went safe.

I finally got a my new website up and running, and after a few years where I found myself saying YES to things I really should have said NO to .. it's time to make some changes. 

- "Sorry!  Can we try for a weeknight instead?!"

- affordable, easy, beautiful images that wont break the bank!

- Booming.  Don't think; book now.

- My love and joy.  If you have a funky / interesting home, i'd love to meet you

- Updated easy-to understand corporate packages for 2015

FOR YOU:  Simpler pricing, easier sessions, clearer outlines, everyone happy
FOR ME:    Simpler pricing, easier sessions, clearer outlines, everyone happy 

1.  In 2015, I will no longer be working weekends. 
I know, i'm sorry families, but there's still plenty of hours at the end of a working day, or after school,
especially in Daylight Savings.  My weekdays are so fully booked now, I cant do weekends as well and
forfeit my own family time.   I hope you can understand

2. 6yrs ago, I had a dream.. as a home-loving, garden-nurturing Taurean, I planned to turn our
empty backyard into a sort of Secret Garden, and capture children's portraits from my own garden studio.
It really is a big, beautiful space.

However, plants take time to grow.

This year, I am tentatively opening up reduced-price sessions to allow this to happen.
If you are a past client and you'd like an updated portrait of your little ones .. please contact me for a special offer.
If you are a new client, you too will be pleased at my regular prices, making beautiful classic childhood portraits
something everyone can enjoy.

3. Kinder Photography continues to grow strong and take up much of my time.
Little Big Adventures offers by far the best photography and packages in town.  I'm really not kidding.
Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

4.  Apartment Therapy is my love and my muse.  It's my happy work.
If you know of a funky arty interesting home that would look beautiful as a feature, again, let me know.

5. Headshots and Corporate.  I have also streamlined my pricing for 2015 to make it easier for everyone,
be it designers looking for a photographer for their clients, or direct bookings.

Previously quoting on a bespoke type arrangement after considering all alternatives, I have
grouped together 4 easy-to-understand packages.

6.  All my pricing is now up on the website and accessible via an easy link.
If you are signed up to my newsletter ( form below ), the passcodes will be sent out with
the next newsletter .. or if you'd rather - simply contact me for the link.

Here's to a happy and successful year - for all of us!



Thankyou & Goodnight ( 2014 )

Please excuse if any of the pics look funny .. everything's been sized and resized a 1000 times
and back again, and my computer died ( good timing, would have been disastrous earlier
in the year!
), so i'm just letting things be.

The main thing is that i'm thankful for this year - thankful for the work and the fun and
the laughs, and the opportunities.

I've cut back on family photography due to time restraints and ramped up small business
and kinders.

I got the job at Apartment Therapy, which is just the sunrise and sunset of my days
and my utter joy.

I work alongside a good friend and funny person ( who also thinks i'm funny and puts up
with my .. mm .. quirks
), and we get to photograph funny little people who tell us
funny little things. 

Like that we have bad hair.  Or tell bad jokes :/
Thanks kids, you keep us honest :)

This is but a small fraction of my work this year:

( edit:  technology is great, huh?  Except when it doesnt work...
You can view the slideshow on my facebook page, but in the meantime - here's a pic of my
boys to enjoy

I photographed a birth, and a cookbook, and even did some work for Woolies.
It was a very good year.

I'm looking forward to 2015.

Thank YOU for being part of it, and for hiring me and referring me on.
It's a tough line of work, and connections are King. 

Enjoy your break, wherever you are, and i'll see you in the New Year.